Fredrick the Firefly

This is based on a true story. Donny, 7-year-old son,  brought me a firefly that could not fly, but it could walk, eat, etc. We spent the day researching fireflies and taking care of Fredrick. It died the next day sitting on a flower.

Fredrick the Firefly

One summer day, a young boy spied
a strolling little firefly.

However, upon closer inspection
the boy understood an imperfection.

For when the insect tried to take flight
the young boy noticed the small bug’s plight.

First, one wing flexed
and then the other,
but together they would never flutter.

Sensitive to the firefly’s situation,
the young boy determined a consolation.

This organism, the young boy would adopt
and he would give it a name he liked a lot.

King Frederick would be the firefly’s designation
and life be provided worthy of this station.

He built Frederick a home and brought flowers to eat
for pollen and nectar are a firefly’s treats.

And Frederick proved a memorable soul
even though flight would not be his goal.


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